Payment Options

PrinterShare remote printing is free to try. If you find it useful you’ll need to pay for the service. Sending a print job from any device - mobile phone, tablet or computer - is free and will remain so. At the same time, we count pages you print on the receiving end, running PrinterShare for Windows or Mac on a computer, connected to the printer.

To receive and print a job from outside your network you need to have pages available on the receiving end. The number of pages is displayed on the right top corner in PrinterShare for Windows or Mac after loging in to your account where you can also select the Buy More option. You can increase your page limit the following ways:

Note: PrinterShare for Windows and Mac provides local sharing options within the same network (LAN). If your mobile device is connected to the same network as the computer, you can print directly for free and this will not affect your page balance.