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New software and technology from Printer Anywhere Inc. enables any user with an Internet connection to connect to any printer worldwide. Users are able to share their printer or connect to another printer, without standard networking equipment, by downloading and installing the free software.

July 19, 2006 Printer Anywhere Inc. launched a new service and technology allowing users worldwide to share printer resources for free. Users of the service only need an active Internet connection and the PrinterShare® software.

This printer sharing technology was developed to serve as a solution in situations where fax machines are not available, email is an unacceptable solution because of privacy issues, and even to serve as a simple solution to often complicated printer sharing on home networks.

In March 2009 PrinterShare launched mobile printing solution for iPhone, providing users with ability to print images, web pages, contacts and other info from the phone to any printer on the network. Few months later, mobile printing was introduced on Google Android platform where users can now print emails, PDF documents, web pages and more. In early 2010 mobile solutions provided direct Nearby printing to supported WI-Fi printers without having to install computer software. Mobile printing solutions are currently in active stage of development.

Printer Anywhere Inc. is privately held.

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