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Version: 12.12.4
Release date: 2022-12-20

Trial Limitations

This app is free for trial. However, there are certain limitations:

  1. When using directly available (Nearby) printer, you can only print a test page.
  2. Printing office documents is limited to one randomly selected page.
  3. Remote printing requires payment on the receiving end after first 20 free pages.

There are no more restrictions in trial version. If you are expiriencing any troubles other than these listed, they are not caused by trial limitations and will not go away in paid version.

Premium Mode

To remove trial limitations please purchase PrinterShare Premium License and activate it on your device.

Your PrinterShare application will then switch to the Premium Mode with unlimited printing. The license is availabel for immediate activation once you purchase it. However, alternatively you can download a small PrinterShare Premium Key app to act as a license. You'll be prompted to download it when purchasing. If you go this route please make sure you can install and run non-Market applications. Some providers such as AT&T restrict non-Market applications.

If you already bought the license, you can RESTORE it with the license code, transaction ID or your email address