PrinterShare Premium

PrinterShare Premium app allows unlimited printing from mobile devices. It is a one-time purchase and no other charges apply if printing is done from a mobile device with PrinterShare Premium Key or PrinterShare Premium app installed. Buying a Premium app does not allow an unlimited computer-to-computer printing over the Internet (for this, there is Premium Subscription).

Upon buying PrinterShare Premium Key or PrinterShare Premium app, its user can:

  1. Print an unlimited number of pages to standalone wireless printers. Please check your printer against the list of supported printers before buying the app. We would also recommend printing a test-page to make sure your printer is able to communicate with PrinterShare app before buying the app.
  2. Print an unlimited number of pages to printers shared from an intermediate computer with desktop PrinterShare console for Windows installed over local wireless network; Mac OS users can use Printer Sharing to share their printers wirelessly from their computers and it does not require downloading PrinterShare client on their machines. That means your mobile device and your printer has to be connected to the same wireless network. Your computer has to be switched on for the print jobs to reach your printer, as your computer acts as a mediator and without it mobile PrinterShare app will not detect your printer. This set up is used when working with printers that do not have built-in wireless capabilities or printers that are not on the list of supported printer models and for which there are no suitable native, non-native or generic drivers present.
  3. Print an unlimited number of pages to remote printers. For this method, you also need a desktop computer with PrinterShare client (Windows client, Mac OS client). But instead of local network, Remote printing delivers your documents over the Internet. You can print to your home or office printers or send documents to computers with PrinterShare client installed anywhere in the world. You will need to create an account for doing remote printing, share your printers from PrinterShare console or add printers shared from other accounts and you are ready to print. Unlike printing over local network, having an intermediate computer switched on or online at all times is not a requirement. Your computer can be turned off or stay offline, but the print job will still be delivered to that computer once it is online; until it is, a print job will be parked on our server.