Frequently Asked Questions: iOS

Do I have to pay more after purchasing PrinterShare Premium Key(PrinterShare Premium) or is it a one-time payment?

PrinterShare Premium Key (PrinterShare Premium) is a one-off payment and no other charges apply. You will not need to pay every month (it is not a subscription-based service) and you will not need to pay for updates.

I need to re-install PrinterShare on my iOS device. How do I do it without being charged again?

You will simply need to log in to App Store with the Apple ID which you originally used for purchasing PrinterShare app and download it.

You will be asked you to buy the app, but on some point app store will recognize that you already own it and will offer to download it for free. Make sure that you download the right app (there is PrinterShare Premium, and PrinterShare Mobile in which you can make an in-app purchase). Reboot after you have done this and you are ready to print.

PrinterShare app immediately closes when I start it. What can I do to correct this?

Try reinstalling PrinterShare app on your iOS device. Before uninstalling it, you can back it up in iTunes and re-install it by syncing your iOS device with computer. Otherwise, you can delete it and then download the Premium app from the app store (you will not be charged for the second time). If you bought PrinterShare Premium Key via in-app purchase, go through the same procedure as if you were trying to buy it again (you will not be charged for the second time).

I have purchased PrinterShare Premium Key (PrinterShare Premium),but when I log in to my account in desktop PrinterShare console it only displays 20 pages available and offers to buy more.

The Premium app grants you an unlimited number of pages to print, but your account stays basic. The account only changes when you're buying the premium subscription for doing computer-to-computer printing (when you're buying economy package, your account type stays basic too; still you're given 100 pages). Your account will display 20 pages left -- which is the expected behavior-- but this credit will not decrease. When you're printing from a device with PrinterShare Premium app installed, it will be recognized by the system. The credit will only decrease when you're doing computer-to-computer printing.

How do I print my emails with PrinterShare?

To print emails with PrinterShare, the email service of your choice must support IMAP. If supported, IMAP settings will be given in the help section of an email service provider.

1. Open PrinterShare app by tapping on its icon.

2. In the bottom of the screen you will see icon; tap it

3. Tap email button

4. You will see a dialogue window where you will need to input IMAP settings along with your credentials.

If you are using Gmail, you can simply tap on Setup for Gmail button and PrinterShare will automatically populate the needed fields; you will only have to type in your Gmail address and your password.

5. Once you’ve set up IMAP, you can return to the main PrinterShare screen, tap Email icon and print.

IMAP settings for other email services:


IMAP Server -

Port - 993

Use SSL - ON

Username - your email address

Password - your email password


IMAP Server -

Port - 993

Use SSL - ON

Username - your email address

Password - your email password

My email service does not support IMAP. What can I do to print my emails?

You can access them through PrinterShare’s web browser and print them as web pages. Tap Print web pages button in the main PrinterShare screen.

Type in the URL address of your email service, log in and print the needed email.

Alternatively you can create a GMail account and set up Mail Fetcher; this way your emails from a different email service will be synced with GMail which does support IMAP.

Please note that it may take GMail a while to fetch emails.

How do I change my account password?

You can change your password in the main screen of the desktop version of PrinterShare software by clicking User>Change Password (you have to be logged in).

How do I change my account ID to something I can remember?

An account ID cannot be changed.

I have forgotten my credentials. How do I get a reminder?

You can request a reminder e-mail from the User/Log In menu, Remind Me button in desktop PrinterShare console or by clicking on the Forgot You Password? link at the top of our web page.

How do I remove a printer from remote printers list on my iOS device?

Go to the screen where you choose a printer (from the main PrinterShare’s screen you can access it by tapping the button with the name of your printer), tap button (you have to be logged in). Icon will appear next to each added printer; tap the icon located next to the printer you would like to remove.

Why does my printout seem blurred?

Try changing resolution to High (300 dpi) in Settings>Printing Preferences or in Preview screen.

Why does PrinterShare ask me to purchase the Premium Key even though I already did that?

Reinstallation of the app should resolve this issue.

Please log in to iTunes with the Apple ID which you used for purchasing PrinterShare app. iTunes will ask you to buy the app, but on some point it will recognize that you already own it and will offer to download it for free. Make sure that you download the right app (there is a premium version of the app, and there is a free version of the app within which you can make an in-app purchase). Reboot after you have done this.

Can I print email attachments and PDF documents?

You can print any kind of text attachments from Mail, including plain text, RTF, HTML, and PDF. To do that:

Open Mail and navigate to a letter with an attachment. Open the letter. Tap the attachment info.

Tap action icon on the top right, then "Open In...".

Tap "PrinterShare". This will open PrinterShare with preview of the selected content.

Note: to open photos and other image attachments, use Paste to print instead.

How do I use Paste to print feature?

Many iPhone applications including Mail, Safari and Notes allow you copy their content and then paste it to PrinterShare for printing. To do this:

Switch to the application you want to print from. Tap and hold the area you want to print. If asked, tap Select or Select All. Then tap Copy.

Switch back to PrinterShare and tap on Paste to Print.

Then tap Print.

How can I clear my clipboard? Every time I tap on Paste to print icon, PrinterShare displays the same copied content.

Once you copy anything else to your clipboard (text or image), another item will be displayed when you tap on icon. Clipboard cannot be cleared unless you reboot your iOS device.

I have already purchased PrinterShare Premium Key for Android. Do I need to purchase PrinterShare Premium for my iOS device?

Android and iOS versions of PrinterShare are simply too different to share the same license. You will need to buy PrinterShare for your iOS device if you would like to enjoy its premium features.

My printer is not on the list of supported printers. When are you going to release a driver for it?

Drivers are produced by third-party developers and it is hard to tell when any particular printer model is going to be added.

Try experimenting with drivers of similar printer models and see if they work with your printer. You can also try generic drivers that our app has to offer.

To select a printer driver manually, do the following:

1. Launch PrinterShare app by tapping on its icon

2. In the bottom of the screen you will see icon; tap it

3. Look for Nearby printing header. Under it should be a field that reads Driver; tap it

4. Search for the needed driver either by scrolling or entering its model name in the search field.

How can I edit my profile details and change the email address that is associated with my PrinterShare account?

Your profile details can be changed in desktop PrinterShare console or on your iOS device. On your windows Computer: You should be logged in to your account. Left-click User tab in the upper right corner of PrinterShare console, click Profile in the drop-down menu. There you will be able to edit your account information including your email address.

On your iOS device:

Open PrinterShare app by tapping on its icon.

Tap icon.

Tap User Details (you have to be logged in).

Tap button and change the needed fields.

When done, tap Save button.

Can I create an account on my iOS device?

Take your iOS device and open PrinterShare by tapping on its icon. You will see the main PrinterShare screen with icons that allow you to access various items that can be printed. Below the grid of icons you will see a button that reads No printer selected; tap it. You can create an account on your iOS device by tapping Login to view/New account.