Frequently Asked Questions: Android

Do I have to pay more after purchasing PrinterShare Premium Key (PrinterShare Premium) or is it a one-time payment?

PrinterShare Premium Key (PrinterShare Premium) is a one-time purchase and no other charges apply. You will not need to pay monthly charges, neither will you need to pay for future updates.

PrinterShare asks me to purchase the Premium Key even though I already did. How do I retrieve the purchased license?

This depends on the place where you purchased PrinterShare Premium Key (or PrinterShare Premium).

Google Play purchase: Please follow Google Play's guide on retrieving previously purchased apps. If you're still unable to retrieve the key, please send a copy of your receipt to as proof of purchase and state expressly that you have purchased PrinterShare Premium Key but cannot retrieve it. Here is Google Play's guide on retrieving receipts for purchased items.

PayPal Purchase: Open this link from your device to generate a new download link using your transaction ID# (starting with PS1). Make sure that you install PrinterShare Premium Key after downloading. Installation of non-market applications should be allowed. This option is located in settings/applications. Look for Unknown sources. Here you can enter your email registered with PayPal. If there is a transaction registered, you will receive a download link on that email. If you're still unable to retrieve the key, please send a copy of your receipt to as proof of purchase and state expressly that you have purchased PrinterShare Premium Key but cannot retrieve it. You will need to log into your PayPal account and locate the purchase.

Why does PrinterShare require certain permissions to run?

Only for the purpose of printing. PrinterShare does not collect personal information, nor does it share your information with third parties.

My printer is not on the list of supported printers. When are you going to release a driver for it?

Drivers are produced by third-party developers and it is hard to tell when any particular printer model is going to be added. Try experimenting with drivers for similar printer models and see if they work with your printer. You can also try generic drivers that our app has to offer.

To select a printer driver manually do the following:

Meantime, you can connect your printer to an intermediate PC and print in nearby or remote modes. This method works with every printer since it is not relying on mobile driver packs that may not have a driver for every model out there; however, the list of supported printers is frequently updated and you might find your model supported in the next revision. You can check our help page for more information on the ways to connect to your printer.

My printer is not supported. I have tried using the Generic driver but the produced output was garbled, printer only pulled paper or my printer did not print anything at all. What else can I try?

You can try choosing a similar printer driver. There are several generic drivers available in PrinterShare's driver packs. Try experimenting with them and see if it leads to a satisfactory result. Please note that using a generic driver will, in most cases, not allow you to print in color.

I have purchased PrinterShare Premium Key (PrinterShare Premium), but when I log in to my account it only displays 20 pages available and offers to buy more.

You are probably confusing PrinterShare Premium Subscription with PrinterShare Premium Key for Android. The Premium app grants you an unlimited number of pages to print, but your account stays basic. The account only changes when you're buying the premium subscription for doing computer-to-computer printing (when you're buying economy package, your account type stays basic too; still you're given 100 pages). Your account will display 20 pages left -- which is the expected behavior-- but this credit will not decrease. When you're printing from a device with a Premium app installed, it will be recognized by the system. The credit will only decrease when you're doing computer-to- computer printing.

My email service is different from Gmail. When is it going to be supported?

We are planning to expand the list of email services supported by PrinterShare in future releases. In the meantime, you can use PrinterShare's browser ( icon in the main screen) to access your emails.

I receive Rendering Error 64/256 or other error codes when attempting to print documents created with Android office suits.

This happens when you use mobile office apps for creating your documents. It should not happen with the documents created or saved with desktop MS Office software. There is a known workaround to this problem (besides modifying/saving the mobile-created document with desktop MS Office). You can send this document to Google Docs which converts documents upon upload. There are Mobile Android apps that PrinterShare has no problem processing and Kingsoft Office and Olive Office are among them; both are free. We apologize for the caused inconvenience and are icon in the main screen) planning to fix this issue in future updates.

I receive Rendering Error 64 when trying to open a TXT document.

Please try changing encoding of the file to UTF-8.

Why can't I buy PrinterShare Premium Key through Google Play?

Your credit card information may be outdated. Please refer to Google Play's help page on the topic. If buying through Google Play does not work, you can also purchase the Premium Key through our website via PayPal.

How do I change my account password?

You can change your password in the main screen of the desktop version of PrinterShare software by clicking User>Change Password (you have to be logged in).

How do I change my account ID to something I can remember?

Account ID cannot be changed.

I have forgotten my credentials. How do I get a reminder?

You can request a reminder e-mail from the User/Log In menu, Remind Me button in desktop PrinterShare console. Or by clicking on the 'Forgot You Password?' link at the top of our web page. In Android PrinterShare app, press menu button, tap Help.

Tap Remind password.

Input your email address that you tied to your account and your credentials will be sent to the address.

How do I remove a printer from remote printers list?

Launch PrinterShare and press menu button. Choose Remote Printer in the dialogue window and you will see a list of printers that you have added to the list of remote printers. Tap and hold the printer you would like to remove, tap Remove Printer.

How do I select my printer?

Launch PrinterShare app and go to the main screen. Below the grid of icons you will see a pictogram of a printer with Printer Not Selected text and Select button displayed beside it. To select your printer, press Select button.

PrinterShare displays internal error when I am trying to download a driver for my wireless printer or a document renderer. How can I fix this?

Please contact our technical support at

How can I edit my profile details and change the email address that is associated with my PrinterShare account?

Your profile details can be changed in desktop PrinterShare console or on your Android device. On your windows Computer: You should be logged in to your account. Left-click User tab in the upper right corner of PrinterShare console, click Profile in the drop-down menu. There you will be able to edit your account information including your email address. On your Android device: Open PrinterShare app by tapping on its icon. Press menu button on your Android device and then tap Login and enter your User ID and password which were assigned to your account. Once you are logged in, you will be able to edit your account details by tapping Account button.

How can I change page orientation?

Page orientation can be adjusted for every item you would like to print except for Google Docs and documents on your SD card. For other items, you can change page orientation in print preview screen/options/page orientation.

How to print a web page?

First method:

  1. Launch PrinterShare
  2. Tap icon
  3. Type in a URL address of a web page you would like to print or tap icon that will allow you to access your bookmarks
  4. Once you are on a web page that you would like to print, tap print button at the bottom of the screen

Second Method:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Open a web page you would like to print
  3. Press the menu button on your device, tap more and then tap share page
  4. Choose PrinterShare from the list of available apps and the web page will be opened in PrinterShare.

How do I print a Gmail message?

  1. Take your Android device and open PrinterShare by tapping on its icon and you will see PrinterShare's main menu.
  2. In the main menu of PrinterShare, tap icon
  3. After tapping Gmail icon, you will see all emails that are in your inbox. Choose an email that you would like to print by tapping it
  4. Once you tap it, you will be taken to the next screen. Here, tap print button
  5. You will be taken to Print Preview screen after doing this, where you will be able to see how the email will look on paper
  6. Tap print button to send your email for printing or tap options if you would like to make any adjustments

I have several Gmail accounts. How do I access them to print my emails?

You can access any Gmail account that you have added in settings/accounts & settings.

  1. Once you have added the needed account, open PrinterShare app by tapping on its icon
  2. Then, tap icon in the main menu of PrinterShare
  3. You will see a screen with emails that belong to that Gmail account into which you are currently logged.
  4. Tap menu button on your Android device and then tap button in lower portion of your screen.
  5. In the next dialogue window, choose the account which you would like PrinterShare to access.

Printout looks pale. How can I correct this?

Try changing printout mode in Print preview/Options

I am getting broken pipe error.

Unfortunately there is no fix to this problem at the moment. Please contact us at

Can I change font size?

You can change font size of calendar records, contacts, messages and call log. Font size of other items (emails, Google Docs and documents on your Android device) cannot be changed in PrinterShare. Font size can be changed in Print Preview screen/Options.

Font size of documents and Google documents can be changed in office suits using Google Docs service.

How to print email attachments?

Open your email application, tap on an email with an attachment, tap on the attachment and select PrinterShare app in the next screen.


You will need to disconnect your Android device from your computer, as your device’s memory is not available to PrinterShare with the former being connected to a PC via USB interface.

I am getting INTERNAL ERROR: NULL error message.

Try turning your printer and your Android device off and back on

I am an Android developer. How can I integrate my app with PrinterShare?

Please see web page on PrinterShare integration for more information.